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At Ashbrook Nursery we pride ourselves on our comprehensive range of plants, many of which we grow ourselves. We grow our plants 'hard' with minimal heat so that they are well prepared for the rigours of life in a Scottish garden.


Our horticulturally qualified staff are always happy to help you choose your plants - for any situation - and our colourful display of plants, containers and baskets are sure to inspire.


In 2014 we were chosen to put on a display of planters on the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society stand at Gardening Scotland.

In 2017 we won the Lord Provost Trophy for Best Garden Design at Dundee Flower Show and in addition we won the People's Choice Award, an RHS Premium Award certificate and a special award for outstanding Garden Design


We are members of the HTA (Horticultural Trades Association) and can supply and accept National Garden gift Vouchers.















Our Nursery is open 7 days a week and there is a mobility scooter available for disabled customers.

March to October (until clocks change)

Mon. - Sat. 9:00am - 5:30pm

Sunday 10:00am - 4:30pm

October (after clocks change) to February

Mon. - Sat. 9:00am - 4:30pm

Sunday 10:00am - 4:30pm

Venlo bedding May-09

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birds a treat this Spring.


Buy 12.75kg Peckish Complete

@ £16.99

Get 1kg Mealworms FREE!

(RRP £19.99)

Ashbrook Nursery

Plants grown at the nursery

Great range of varieties

- a treasure trove for plant lovers

- an inspiration for gardeners.

Erica xdarleyensis

Current Highlights


Erica darleyensis & Hardy Cyclamen

- grown in Fife.


Hardy Winter Colour

Spring Flowering Shrubs....

Camellias, fragrant Hamamellis, Daphne and Sarcococca

25%hardy cyclamen Camellia

Hardy Evergreens.......

Leucothoe,Viburnum, Pieris, Holly, Mahonia, Photinia, Rhododendrons & Azaleas....

Phormiums, Ferns & Grasses

Hamamelis 25%Leucothoe mix 25%Viburnum tinus

Hardy Spring Bedding.....

Primroses, Polyanthus, Bellis, Pansies, Violas....

Just arrived.........

Scottish grown soft fruit.


Bare-root Raspberry canes                          Brambles and Hybrid Berries                                                        

@ £1.50 - 6 varieties,                                      Tayberry, Loganberry & Jostaberry

early, main season,                                         @ £8, 3 for £20

late and autumn fruiting.


Red, Black & White Currants,                  Superfruits - Gojiberry, Honeyberry@ £9                                                                    

Red & Green Gooseberries                      Blueberries @ £12

@ £6.80 per pot, 3 for £18





Fire Dragon close up Jan-15 Bellis packs Primroses Viola packs soft fruit Leader



We are currently installing an EPOS (electronic point of sale) system,

this should make our pricing and special offers clearer and help speed up operations at the till. This development is part funded by the LEADER programme which supports Scottish Rural development