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Whether you're a landscaper or an amateur gardener, you'll already know that trees and shrubs can do a lot for your outdoor spaces. With our range, you can craft a garden that's a delight to sit in.


At Ashbrook Nursery, we supply people throughout North East Scotland with trees and shrubs that thrive.

Decorate your outdoor spaces with trees and shrubs

Select fruit trees that deliver year after year

Do you love the idea of growing your own fruit? With our fruit trees, you can look forward to harvesting your favourite fruits year after year.

 •  Choose from a variety of fruit trees

 •  Find trees and shrubs that frame your garden perfectly

 •  We produce a range of herbs too

 •  Find the right alpines for your garden

 •  Our expert team can help you select the right trees

 •  Come to us for baskets and planters too

 •  Make the most of our extensive plant range


From alpines through to herbs

Do you want to add more trees and shrubs to your garden? Call us: 01241 873 408