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Conifers are perfect for all seasons, there is a wonderful range of form & colour which intensifies during the cold weather

1 litre pots @ £4.80, 3 for £12

Ask our staff for advice on which to choose for your particular situation.



Grown in Fife. Heathers provide foliage and flower colour all year round and will attract bees.

9cm pots £1.99, 6 for £10

1 litre pots @ £3.99, 3 for £10




Herbaceous Perennials

Hardy flowering plants which will come year after year, lovely fresh foliage in spring followed by a great display of flowers - cut back after flowering to encourage a second flush and a bushier plant which will give even more flowers next year!

1 litre pots @ £2.95, 4 for £10

Ask us to advise on the best varieties for your situation.


All year round Offers


Birdcare Bonanza


Give the birds a treat this spring as we approach the nesting season

12.75 kg Peckish Complete Birdfood @ £16.99

1kg Mealworms @ £16.99

Buy one of each for £20

saving £13.98


Hardy Bedding

-great range of varieties now ready, grown at Ashbrook with minimal heat, perfect for Scottish Gardens.

£2.95, 4 trays for £10






























Evergreen Shrubs

Azalea, Pieris and dwarf Rhododendron,

evergreen colouor for borders and planters, 1 litre pots

£4.95, 3 for £12

Bellis packs Fire Dragon close up Jan-15 Viola packs