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If you love tending to your garden, finding the right plants can make your hobby all-the-more enjoyable. We stock a comprehensive range of plants all year round to suit all situations and conditions, many of these plants are grown at our own nursery. Whether you come prepared with a list or just want someone to advise you will be sure to find the right plant at Ashbrook. Our customers come from all over the North East of Scotland as they can be sure of finding 'something special'


Plants that are destined to flourish

Come to us for fragrant cut flowers - available during the summer months

Whether you want to surprise someone special or you want to fill your home with delightful scents, you can come to us for fragrant cut flowers. Everything is grown on site, which allows you to enjoy the freshness for longer.

Want to know if we have the plants you adore? Call us:

 01241 873 408

Bedding & Patio

click here to download our Patio and Bedding Plant Stock List







We grow all our own bedding and patio plants and have a good range available throughout the seasons. We do not treat our plants with hormonal growth regulators which many of the larger growers do ( this keeps plants compact giving them a longer shelf life), so when you plant Ashbrook plants in your garden they just 'take off'.


Alpines & Heathers

Please click here to download our Alpine Stock List


Alpines provide a range of foliage colour and texture over winter followed by great floral displays in spring. They are hardy plants for rockeries, raised beds, borders or planters.

Many will tolerate poor soil and evergreen spreading varieties are great for weed suppressing ground cover.

Alpines tend to flower in early spring, bringing colour to the garden before the summer bedding and herbaceous perennials come into flower.


Heathers provide interest in the garden all year round with both flower and foliage colour, and of course the bees just love them!.

When planting a heather garden be sure to choose varieties to give colour through the seasons, not just those looking bonny today.


9cm pots £1.95 each, 6 for £10

1 litre pots £3.95 each, 3 for £10




Herbaceous Perennials

Please click here to download our Perennial Stock List


1 litre pots - £2.95 - £3.95

2 litre pots - £4.95 - £7.95


We are particularly proud of the range of herbaceous perennials we grow at Ashbrook. Each year we like to try something new as well as the old favourites. Our beautiful plants have been used to great effect in award winning gardens at the Dundee Flower Show and Gardening Scotland.

If you can't see what you want or if you 'have a wish list' - do ask us for help - we have lots more growing 'out the back' than we can hope to display iin the shop.


Current highlights

Heucheras - lovely range of foliage colour throughout the winter




We aim to have a comprehensive stock  of shrubs, to suit all growing conditions, not just the 'seasonal highlights'. We have 2 & 3 litre shrubs as well as larger 'specimen' shrubs for those who want an 'instant garden'. If we don't have what you are looking for please ask, we get regular deliveries from our Scottish growers McLarens and Corachie throughout the growing season.


Rhododendrons & Azaleas

- evergreen foliage and glorious colour in late spring. Dwarf, mid-sizedand large growing varieties available - please ask for advice.






New season, Scottish grown roses now here -from Trains Nursery in Ayreshire.

Full range of climbing, floribunda, shrub,

hybrid-T, patio, species, and celebration roses carefully selected for disease resistance, fragrance and good performance under Scottish growing conditions.


Ferns & Grasses

We stock a good range of varieties, give height and movement in planters.


9cm pots £1.95

1 litre pots £3.95





Trees - Ornamental & Fruit

Many of our trees are sourced from Frank P Matthews a well respected grower in Tenbury Wells. why not have a look at their website 'Trees for Life'


Full range of ornamental trees available now.


Fruit Trees

A range of varieties are available, which are selected for good performance in Scotland.


Eating, cooker/eater and cooking apples, pears and cherries on both dwarf and standard rootstock.

Range of 'Scottish' apple varieties including Stirling Castle, The Bloody Ploughman and Scotch Bridget.


Limited stock of plums, gage and damson - they are good to plant in the autumn, but it has been found that potted plums may not do well over winter if planted too late in the season. We will be getting a full range later this spring once growth has started.


Fan forms and Hazels also available.




Bare-root available from mid November, the economical way to plant a hedge or woodland area


Most varieties are sized from 40 - 60cm and prices range from £1-£2 each for standard varieties such as hawthorn and green privet to £3.20 for copper beech. Discount available for quantities of 100+


We also stock some larger specimen laurels or conifers for those looking for an 'instant' evergreen hegde.




Good range of varieties sourced from long established Scottish grower Corachie Cleamatis




New selection just in. Arranged on the nursery benches to help you chose the right variety for your situation. 10 year height less than 4ft, more than 4ft or suitable for ground cover.


Conifers are excellent for colour in the garden through the winter, several varieties changing colour when the cold weather comes adopting autumnal shades or intensifying the golden tints.


Dwarf varieties also excellent for winter planters - taller growing varieties can also be used for this - but don't expect them to stay small for ever!


1 litre pots @ £4.50, 3 for £12

3 litre pots @ £8.50, 2 for £16


Grow your Own


Veg - Spring Hero Cabbage - ready for planting now to give good crop of cabbage next spring


Available soon  - Shallots, garlic, onion and rhubarb.


Herbs - We grow a wide range of herbs at Ashbrook including parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme!

Others include  rosemary, thyme, bay, fennel, chives, lemon balm and various mints, hyssop, rue, pennyroyal, horseradish, fennel and dill.


All are hardy varieties suitable for growing outside


Mixed herb planters and Parsley hanging baskets are also available.



Soft Fruit


Raspberries, bare-root @£1.50 - range of varieties to spread the picking season right through til autumn.

Currants - red, white & black

Gooseberries - red & green

& £6.80, 3 for £18

Brambles & hybrid fruits,

Tayberry, Loganberry & Jostaberry

@£8, 3 for £20

Blueberries, range of varieties - £10- £12

'Superfruits' - Gojiberry & Honeyberry @£9



Wide range of bulbs - mostly sold loose so you can 'pick & mix' your own choice of varieties.

Some special or new varieties sold in bags

Daffodils - locally grown by Grampian Growers of Montrose


Spring & Summer flowering Dahlias, Begonias, etc coming soon


Cut Flowers

Coming soon



pernettya shrubs for winter interest Gaultheria Shrubs for winter interest Leucothoe mix shrubs for autumn colour Cotoneaster salicifollia pendula Shrubs for Berrie

(below) Cotoneaster salicifolia 'Pendula'

Erica xdarleyensis Autumn Colour

Erica x darlyensis

Wonderful colour from this heather in spring, can grow to 60cm and

requires little pruning

grasses IMG_0046 25%autumn colour cut chrysanths daffs 3 25% Conifers Flowers in shed Sept-10 planting, no table 25%

Part of our 2015 Gold Medal winning Madhatters Tea Party Garden at Dundee Flower Show

Flowering cherry Erica Irish orange & lemon Photinia Louise Large Rhodos Exochorda The Bride Pieris soft fruit