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Baskets & Planters, whatever the season, you will always find a colourful display of planters & Baskets – ready to buy or to inspire your choice of plants for your own containers at home, our staff are always happy to discuss your requirements.

Baskets and planters

We also offer a container filling service, if you bring your planters or baskets in to us (preferably clean and empty!)  we can plant them for you and look after them until needed.

Weddings, Anniversaries and special occasions – if you are looking for a special gift we can make a beautiful planter – to suit all budgets, or if you are planning to entertain at home we can provide you with some beautiful containers to just give that ‘finishing touch’ for your event.


We stock a range of lightweight, terracotta and ceramic planters and are always willing to try and source a differing size, style or colour if you can’t find just the planter you require.



Interested in adding our baskets and planters to your home? Call: 01241 873 408

List of our suppliers

Baskets and Planters - Hanging Basket Baskets and Planters - Candle Basket