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Planters & Baskets


We have a great selection of containers and baskets planted with hardy plants guaranteed to brighten any garden or doorway - full of seasonal colour or evergreen for year round interest


You can choose from the selection on show or pick a planter - terracotta, ceramic, wooden, plastic, stone effect or novelty (a duck, swan, reindeer, owl....!.) and ask us to plant it for you. We have such a range of planting material that prices can be tailored to your budget.


Alpine planters top-dressed with gravel or slate are also popular and we have a good selection of grasses which can give colour, height, form and movement to any container.


Herb planters are a popular gift item - hanging baskets or troughs with parsley, an 'amphora' planted with herbs, or terracotta herb planters in a range of sizes



We can make up planters with a silver, ruby, gold theme for wedding anniversaries and we also stock a range of 'Celebration Roses'.


Gift Wrapping


We can add cellophane and a bow to your gift, we also have a range of 'gift bags' which can transform a simple plant to a beautiful goft!




Why not introduce a friend or relative to the fun of helping the birds in the garden with a gift from our birdcare range - bird tables, birdbaths, fun feeders





Garden Gifts


We now have a good range of 'Showa' gloves - top quality, preferred by professionals. Also a selection of  tools - snips, secateurs, shears and pruning knives - reisistant to wear and corrosion, an attractive gift for the discerning gardener!




A selection of Haddonstone urns and statues (larger pieces may be ordered for direct delivery to your home address), Easter Island heads - look great emerging from the foliage, ornate garden mirrors and novelty animals - fun for children - and adults! - to find lurking in the garden.

Coming shortly new range of 'Enigma' statuary and bird baths.

Also we are restocking our popular range of Willowstone products.


Gift Vouchers


Ashbrook Nursery vouchers will give your friends and relations the opportunity to select plants of their choice from the nursery with one of the best ranges of varieties in Scotland.


Our bedding, patio, alpine and herbaceous plants, grasses, herbs and vegetables are grown on the nursery, and many of our trees and shrubs are sourced from Scottish Nurseries. Ashbrook Nursery vouchers may be spent in a 'piecemeal' fashion throughout the season.


We now also sell and redeem National Garden Gift Vouchers and cards - an ideal gift for those not fortunate enough to live within striking distance of Ashbrook Nursery!

Gift ideas from Ashbrook

Interested in adding our baskets and planters to your home? Call: 01241 873 408

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