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With the right garden tools at your disposal, gardening projects become more enjoyable. Whether it's a spade or a trowel, you need to find the right one.


At Ashbrook Nursery, we help people across North East Scotland find the right garden tools. You can come to us for advice before making your selection.

Find the right garden tools for your project

Tools for gardening that'll last

Finding tools for gardening that'll last ensures you get more for your money. By stocking robust tools, we make it easier for you to get stuck into your projects on a daily basis.

• Our gardening tools are designed to last

• Choose from a range of trowels, spades, and other essentials

• Ask our expert sales staff for advice

• Our tools for gardening will make your jobs easier

• Why not add some new plants to the mix and get started straight away?

• Get stuck into making the most of our trees and shrubs

• Decorate your patio with baskets and planters

• Get in touch or come and see us for a full product list

Buying trowels, spades, and everything in between

Need to add more garden tools to your arsenal? Give us a call: 01241 873 408