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This season we are stocking Bulrush composts which our customers seem to like and which we use in the nursery – Bulrush composts are peat based.


We offer a discount of 10% on 3 or more bags of any type or size.


For help and advice, call: 01241 873 408

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Gravels, chippings, grits and slates available in bags – each bag estimated to cover 0.4m2 if put down at 50mm depth.


Several of the most popular varieties are available on special offer @ £4.49/bag– buy 3 get 1 free. If you would like a larger quantity we can arrange for a bulk bag to be delivered directly to your home address.


Stock items:-

Buy 3 get 1 Free @ £4.49 – walnut flint, 20mm, strawberries & cream 14mm, Portland pebbles 20-40mm, blue slate 40mm, midnight chippings 14mm, golden corn 10mm.


Other types:-

14mm Chesire pink @ £5, 14mm multi-mix@ £8.50,

14mm red flame @ £6, 20mm white limestone @ £4.50,

40mm plum slate @ £4.50, 10mm pea gravel @ £3.50.

Sharp sand @ £4.00

6mm Alpine grit @ £4.50

4mm horti-grit @ £4.50

Ground Cover, Netting, Weed control and Windbreak fabrics

These are available for purchase per metre in a range of widths. If you are looking for a large quantity we can source this for you.

Plant support & protection

We have a range of products to help you get the best from your newly planted trees and shrubs, trellis supports, rabbit guards, stakes & tree ties etc


Square tree stakes 1½” x 4’6”   £1.50


Round tree stakes 2 ½” x 5’      £5.00


Soft tree ties 18”       80p


Buckle tree ties 24”     £1.00


Spiral tree guards      50p


Vitax Q4+, 0.9kg     £6.49


- multipurpose fertiliser with mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial bacteria and a range of biostimulants

to encourage root growth and help plants to establish.

Chemicals & Fertilisers

We have a carefully selected range of plant protection products and fertilisers to help you get the best performance from your plants. Sometimes there seems to be a bewildering array of products – please ask for advice.

Birdbaths, Ornaments & Statuary.

We have a range of ornamental features dotted around the nursery to help give you ideas on how you could incorporate such features into your garden.

At the moment we stock products supplied by Willowstone, Melmar Stone and Haddonstone.




Good range of birdfood, feeders, birdtables and birdbaths available. Check our promotions page for current special offers on Birdcare products.