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Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness!


It may be getting chilly but there is so much to enjoy in the garden during autumn, the beautiful foliage colours of Acers, Cornus, Euonymus, rowans, dogwoods and many more; the berries of Pernettya, Skimmia, Cotoneaster and  Pyracantha; the fruits of crab apples, the late flowering perennials - daisies, gentians and Sedums and of course the hardy bedding, Pansies, Violas, Garden Mums and so much more!


At Ashbrook we don't get into Christmas mode until November, why not come along and see all the lovely autumn colours before the Twinkle of Christmas takes over!


We have lots of planted up  planters on display to give you ideas on how to keep the colour going all through the winter - we will even do your planters for you if you bring them in.

Autumn Gardening



Autumn Plant Offers


    Hardy Bedding

     4 trays for £10


1 litre Evergreen Shrubs

      £4.99 3 for £12


25%Cotoneaster salicifollia pendula 25%gentians 25%Malus Evereste 25%mums 25%Leucothoe mix 25%hardy cyclamen